Entrepreneurship Development Club is formed to inculcate Entrepreneurial Culture among students and equip them with the talents, skills, techniques and confidence to act as torch-bearers of Enterprise of the new generation. The major objective of the club is to motivate the members to venture into industrial activity to change the negative mindset and attitude prevailing with the State on initiating or taking up entrepreneurship as a career, to educating the members on various incentives offered by various financial agencies just like the development banks and other promotional agencies and to guiding the members on a way to formulate project ideas and plans.

Entrepreneurship-Development club organizes various talks by new and established entrepreneurs about the practical aspects of starting an enterprise and the problems and challenges they faced in their journey. The cell supports innovative ideas and helps the students getting access to funds for putting their ideas into practice.

 The Institute encourages the students to consider self-employment as a career option, providing necessary training in Entrepreneurship. 

•        Inculcating a culture of innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit on the campus, through various activities and campaigns.
•        Creating a strong foundation of academic learning in the field of entrepreneurship not only to acquaint students with concepts but also with the application of the same. 
•        To conduct workshops, conferences and seminars for entrepreneurs. 
•        To assess training needs of different departments in industrial development sector and develop the capacities of their students. 
•        To disseminate information regarding promotion and development of entrepreneurship.