About the Department

The Department of English at Mar Elias College introduced in the year 2012, generates English learning for holistic and specific purposes through innovative research validated transformative teaching learning process, to equip our student community to respond to life confidently. We make English learning fun-filled and interactive while imparting listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in our classrooms. The department caters to the diverse linguistic aptitudes of the student body in a dynamic and student cantered manner. We are committed to prepare skill developed executives by imparting knowledge which focuses on academic competence, social skills and moral values.It is a full-fledged department with a team of six Assistant Professors who are committed to their vocation of nurturing, shaping and nourishing young minds. The students of the department participate wholeheartedly in all the activities of the college. Their contribution to the fame and prestige of the college has been immense.Apart from focusing on the amended academic excellence of the students, it persuades them to find and reach pertinent careers in various walks of life.The distinguishing feature of the Department is Mar EliasLanguage Association (MELA) which provides a wonderful platform to the students for exploring and experiencing canonical literatures in English as well as the emerging accents of contemporary literature. MELA organizes and manages all the department events and seminars, film screenings, academic writing workshops and non- scholastic events like Creative Writing and Short Story Writing.


  • Striving to produce learners who become resourceful, adaptive, independent and productive in their respective areas of learning.
  • Providing professionally& technically trained graduates for industry, business, government and private sector.
  • Encouraging students to achieve personal & professional goals through self-motivation, personal growth and pursuit of excellence.
  • Sensitizing the students to the need for playing an active role in the re-construction of a new equality based social order.
  • Helping students to realize their fullest potential through sports and appropriate co-curricular activities leading to integrated personality development.