About the Department

The Department of Tourism Studies was established in 2022 with the purpose to promote world class research and teaching in Tourism and Hospitality. In addition to inculcating the knowledge, we take efforts to enhance the skills of the students along with aiming at their overall development. Moreover, placement assistance is provided to those desiring students. In addition to the all India tour, students are given internship in the tourism industry as well. Tailor-made programs with both theory and practical subjects as a part of the syllabus and comprehensive teaching techniques including case studies, role-plays, group discussions, presentations, group research, and travel laboratories are provided often for their professional development.

  • To create professionals with leadership skills to administrate and manage business units in different tourism and hospitality sector.
  • To prepare students from managerial positions in destination planning , consultancies, policy making tour operations , travel agencies , hospitality and aviation.
  • To equip students with managerial skills and help in entrepreneurial development.
  • To develop hospitality culture and behaviour and to enhance student competencies.