About the Department

The Department of Social Work was established in the year 2012 in response to the College’s responsibility to address the issues of the Society. Our department is committed to providing the highest standard of academic excellence by encouraging the creative and empathetic involvement of students in  various activities that focus on social development. The Department of Social Work is actively involved in providing experience based, outcome oriented social work education through the most innovative and emerging domains of practice, research and field interventions. It has also engaged itself in strengthening social work practice, research and field projects.

The department initiates programmes that serving  to the emerging needs of the neighborhood community .It undertakes research projects, development projects, social surveys , intervention programmes and extension activities, seminars, workshops, rural exposure camps and field practicum  as part of its curriculum. The value of education through community service is significantly incorporated in the academic programmes. The curriculum offered by the Department provides opportunities for the comprehensive development of the students and incorporate learning from the classroom and reflect on practical interventions. Along with the academic programmes, students are equipped with "learning by earning" through different development projects.


  • To facilitate the learners to develop professional knowledge, attitude and values required to function as effective Social Workers
  • To enable the learners for scientific assessment, planning and intervention towards bringing about change in the social functioning of human beings in their respective field of practice
  • To help the learners to develop their professional self through integral transformative practices
  • To sensitize the learners about the contemporary socio-economic and cultural realties through field based learning
  • To train the learners to become effective and efficient change agents.