Programme Outcomes 

PO 1 - The students will be able to learn the basics of English language, literature and its history.
PO 2 - To acquaint the learners with the rich texture of poetry, prose and fiction.
PO 3 - To enrich the learners with theatre texts.
PO 4 - The students will be able to understand the major signposts in literary criticism, theory and aesthetics.
PO 5 - To sensitize the students to various Indian English writings and American literature.
PO 6 - To familiarize the students with varied dimensions of postcolonial subjectivity, women writing and other world classics.
PO 7 - The students will be able to learn the basic concepts of Linguistics and its analysis.

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1 - To enable the students to discern the questions raised by various literary domains.
PSO 2 - To enable the learners to analyze, criticize and comprehend various literary works.
PSO 3 - Promotes creative writing.
PSO 4 - Makes the learners competent in English language.
PSO 5 - Helps to understand various genres of literature and history of language.
PSO 6 - Enables the students to enjoy various poetic ideas, compositions, fictions, historical aspects and dramas.
PSO 7 - Makes the learners aware of marginalized literature.

B A English
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