Learner Support


Wifi Enabled campus

College Wi-Fi is designed using optical fiber technology.It offers ultra high speed open and secured Wi-Fi networks with a range that cover the whole campus area. It also provide online services with regard to administration, library and examination.


Disabled friendly campus

The college provides an accessible environment which includes academic support for students with disability. We have provision such as ramps and individual assistance for students who are facing disabilities.

CCTV Surevillance

The entire college is under CCTV surveillance for security purpose. CCTVs are installed in the Examination Halls, Office, Library, Main Gate and other college premises.

Rain Water Harvesting

Water conservation is implemented on different levels in the college through rain water harvesting . A rain harvesting unit is set up in the college campus. The conserved rain water serves as a secondary source of water.

Fire Extinguishers

The vast majority of extinguishers in the campus are multi purpose, dry chemical units that are rated for use with class A, B, & C fires.