Films are one of the most appealing media for the common masses. Films and motion pictures play a vital role in influencing people by entertaining and inspiring them. The film industry is so massive that it ensures a wide range of career opportunities for people. Films often play a significant role in education as a learning tool as well. This club was formed to inculcate a sense of watching films among students. The aim of the club is to train the students to become active viewers of cinema. The club is developed to nourish students with the ability to create their own film projects. It updates the knowledge of students about various perceptions of films.Students were also given opportunities to create their short films.Varieties of programmes and events were conducted under the club alone as well as in collaboration with other clubs and department of the college.

•    To develop a sense of watching films among students.
•    To create active film viewers.
•    To conduct film related academic activities.
•    To explore many films and study film as an art.