Institutional Distinctiveness


As envisaged in the college vision, Mar Elias College, Kottappadyhas designed the Finishing School programme – FINISHINE,for the holistic development of students and to bridge the gap between the campus and corporate field by exposing toa dynamic work environment.

Holistic development of students.

¨    Personality Enhancement
¨    Value Education
¨    Skill Development

1. To offer suitable candidates to Industry through appropriate training. 
2.Toprepare students to secure admission for higher studies. 
3.To mould  capable human beings with potentials to cater to the needs of the society.
4. To nurture positive attitudes of students through personality development.
5. To develop the employability skills of the students.

The Career Guidance and Placement Cell of Mar Elias College, Kottappady designed a 30-hour finishing school programme for the final years in order to satisfy the industries' immediate needs for qualified human resources. The program's curriculum is divided into five sections. The sessions were handled by experts from industry, academia and also from MEC. This innovative learning process was well appreciated by all stakeholders.

Evidence of Success
•    Students who successfully completed training through Finishine became fine personalities by nurturing their dormant talents.
•    They learned the various abilities that must be cultivated for their overall development and employability. 
•    They acquired numerous positive traits, like cooperation, creativity, and inventive thinking. 
•    Students became more aware of their body language, able to understand their audience and deliver engaging presentations which people can connect with.
•    They developed the ability to explain what they mean in a clear and concise way through written and spoken means. 
•    They developed a more conscious awareness of their personalities, which increased their level of confidence. 
•    They can listen and relate to other people, and to act upon key information / instructions. 
•    They developed the ability to understand a problem by breaking it down into smaller parts, and identifying the key issues, implications and identifying solutions. 
•    They can handle stress that comes with deadlines.
•    They developed a positive attitude to life as well as work.

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