M.Com Finance & Taxation

Master of commerce is a 2-year postgraduate course for candidates who want to pursue a career in accounting, banking, investment, financial service, investment as well as economics and marketing. The broad aim of the Programme is to provide awareness to the learners regarding the developments in the field of Business, Commerce, Industry and Management and equip them to develop necessary analytical and managerial skills so as to cope up with the challenges posed by industry and environment, both national and global.


  • To Enhancing the horizon of knowledge so as to enable the learners to carry out qualitative research and pursue academic or professional careers.
  • To Developing problem analysis skills and knowledge and applying the same in real life situation.
  • To Using research knowledge and aptitude acquired in the course of study for solving socially relevant problems
  • To Understanding the role and applicability of knowledge acquired in the context of society, environment and sustainable development sticking on to the ethics and values.
  • To Developing effective communication skills and the ability to work in teams by strengthening group dynamics.


  • Corporate Secretary
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Tax Consultant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Stock Broker
  • Operations Manager
  • Govt.Jobs
  • Banking Sector