B A English(Model II) Administrative Assistant

This programme takes 3 years to complete. This programme aims to provide the candidates with a broad knowledge of the field of English including critical and cultural theories. It includes additional important skills like tools of IT and Commercial Accounting. The programme aims to provide ability to write and work critically in specialised fields.


  • To develop the student’s ability to use English language accurately and objectively by enhancing their communication skills. 
  • To introduce the students to the speech sounds in order to enable them to listen to English and speak with global intelligibility. 
  • To familiarize the students with various literary forms, literary criticism, theories regarding literatures, films, translations etc.
  • To introduce the students to the taste of time tested world classics.


  • To enlighten the mind through literary texts. 
  • To enable the students to speak English fluently.
  • To instil the love of English language. 
  • To communicate confidently and effectively. 
  • To express creatively and imaginatively.


  • Office Administration
  • Media
  • Teaching
  • Bank Clerk
  • Content Writers
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Tourist Guide
  • English Translator
  • United Nation Executive