Programme Outcomes

PO 1 - Disciplinary knowledge:-Demonstrates a mastery of the fundamental knowledge and skills required in the discipline to function effectively as an entry-level professional in the field.

PO 2 - Scientific Temper:-Experiments with new approaches, challenge existing knowledge boundaries and takes informed action to solve problems related to society, identify, define, and deal with problems through logical, analytical and critical thinking acquired from different domains of knowledge.

PO 3 - Research and Digital Competence:-Develop a research culture for lifelong learning and demonstrate competency in creating new knowledge. Analyze and choose from available data and information sources to communicate, collaborate and network through a range of digital media.

PO 4 - Communication Skills:-Develops language proficiency through interactions embedded in meaningful contexts. Demonstrates communicative competence particularly using technology in social and global environments.

PO 5 - Leadership, Teamwork, and Interpersonal Skills:-Functions effectively both as a leader and/or member of a team. Collaborates and interacts effectively with others.

PO 6 - Moral & Ethical Awareness and Social Responsibility:-Demonstrates social and national responsibility. Engages in activities that contribute to the betterment of society, with a preferential option for the economically challenged and the marginalized.

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1: Ability to design tourist products and sell them.
PSO 2: Develops leadership, managerial and communicative skills to effectively handle tourism activities.
PSO 3: Acquires knowledge and information pertaining to tourism industry.
PSO 4: Creates, applies, and evaluates marketing strategies for tourism destinations and organizations.
PSO 5: Knowledge in Travel and Tourism industry both from practical and theoretical perspective.

PSO 6: Skill to implement sustainable tourism management policies.
PSO 7: Equips the students to plan and organize events and trips to heritage and leisure spots.
PSO 8: Understands the different medical aspects relevant to tourism industry.
PSO 9: Equips students to face professional challenges and gain practical knowledge in any tourism sectors.
PSO 10:Work collaboratively in groups, both as a leader and a team member, in diverse environments, learning from and contributing to the learning of others.
PSO 11: Acquire experience in writing dissertation, internship and tour reports.