Programme Outcomes

PO 1 - Enables students to use knowledge of Management theories and practices to unravel  business problems.

PO 2 - Encourages analytical and critical thinking abilities for business deciding.

PO 3 - Promotes ethical and value-based leadership ability.

PO 4 - Enables students to communicate effectively business issues, management concepts, plans and decisions both in oral and written form.

PO 5 - Makes students capable of recognizing and resolving ethical issues.

PO 6 - Helps to prepare & equip students for managerial roles and as entrepreneurs.

PO 7 - Provides a good knowledge of all disciplines of the course and training in the management of both animate and inanimate entities and develops leadership skills.

PO 8 - Equips students to demonstrate the capabilities required to use cross-functional business knowledge and technologies in solving real-world business problems.

PO 9 - Enables students to demonstrate use of appropriate techniques to effectively manage business challenges.

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1 - Ability to define, analyze and find solutions for various business problems and using logical reasoning patterns for evaluating information for practical implementation.

PSO 2 - Provides verbal, reasoning, data Interpretation, quantitative and communication skills to resolve specific business problems.

PSO 3 - Applies ethical principles towards professional ethics and responsibility and function effectively as a leader, individual or group in diverse business environment.

PSO 4 - Promotes entrepreneurship by providing understanding of the basics of managing innovation, new business ideas and high-growth potential entities.

PSO 5 - Ability to demonstrate technical competence in domestic and global arena of business.

PSO 6 - Providing a chance for the scholars to realize practical exposure towards the workplace environment and make them industry friendly.

PSO 7 - Ability to conceptualize a unique organisational issue into a coherent written and oral presentation and to communicate or speak effectively on complex activities with technical community.