Activities & Events


As part of curriculum Department of Management, of Mar Elias College organized an Industrial Visit on 05/11/2022to International Coir unit & Museum at Kalavoor,Alappuzha.
Coir Board had established an International Coir Museum in the Diamond Jubilee year, by depicting the historical events and evolution of technological advancements made in Coir Sector.The International Coir Museum is established for showcasing the coir industry over the ages with the latest developments which has brought in a revolution. 
The museum also showcases the traditional processes and development of coir industry, including retting and fibre extraction, advent of mechanization in coir sector etc.A short video film takes the visitors through the world of coir over the ages and gives information on the origin and growth of the industry and the latest developments made through research and development. This will give sweet memories on coir industry. There is souvenir shop attached to the Museum where visitors can have the joy of shopping a wide range of coir handicrafts, coir doormats, coir ornaments etc.Two faculty members were also accompanied with the students to share the knowledge.