Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce


The department of commerce started in the year 2006 with an undergraduate Programme Taxation.


Moulding eminent personalities with creative minds, innovative ideas, and sound practical skills and shape a future where commerce works for the enrichment of mankind.


 To impart them high degree of social consciousness and human values



               (2 batches)                                                                                          (Intake 40*2)




Commerce department is said to thriven when faculty and students produce results that are visible. We honor the achievements, who have excelled in their endeavors and we are immensely proud of their success. Creates learning and working environment that encourage you to reach your potential and discover your unique purpose.


B.Com Taxation

Students appeared for the exam    - 54

Students passed                              - 51   

Pass Percentage                              - 94.4%

A + Grade

1.Krishna Sudhakar

2.Nijiya varghese

3.Sreelakshmi Menon

A Grade

1.Gayathri S.

2.Abinu E.R.

3.Ajith Babu

4.Anandhakrishnan S.

5.Anu Varghese

6.Sreemol K. Shibu

7.Anusha Joshy

8.Prameetha Mohan

9.Rugma R.

10.Sreelakshmi Kalesh

11.Amrutha V.S.

12.Anjitha Shaji

13.Anumol Kurian

14.Ashna M.P.

B.Com Computer 

 Students appeared for the exam    - 66

Students passed                              - 40   

Pass Percentage                              - 61%

A Grade

1.Anagha T.S.

2.Meenu Varghese

3.Eldhose Joy

4.Ebin Varghese

5.Alfiya Salim

6.Amalendu S.

7.Greeshma Baby

8.Nidina Eldhose