Internal Evaluation System

The college has framed significant reforms in Continuous Internal Evaluation System at the institute level to improve the academic performance of students. Academic performance evaluation is an essential element of teaching and learning process. The College strictly follow the prescribed guidelines of the Mahatma Gandhi University with regard to internal assessment evaluation. It is based on four components-attendance, assignments/seminar/viva voce, internal examinations.

Internal Examination Cell (IEC):

  • The internal examinations are conducted by Internal Examination Cell (IEC) headed by a Co-ordinator.  Two internal assessments are held in each semester.
  • IEC is responsible for planning the time table, collecting question papers, making seating arrangements , preparing invigilation duties, valuation and publishing of consolidated mark lists.
  • The date of the internal exam will be announced one week prior to the exam.
  • Question papers for the internal exams are set at the department level according to the pattern of University examination and handed over to the IEC.
  • The seating arrangements are displayed 1 hour before the exam.
  • Internal examinations as per university pattern are held centrally under the invigilation of faculties.
  • To prevent malpractices, examinations are conducted under CCTV surveillance.
  • The examination halls are opened only 15 minutes before the examinations.
  • Valued answer scripts are distributed to the students within a week after the internal exam. Corrected scripts are discussed individually with students. The scripts are then kept in concerned departments, to address any issues that might arise in future.
  • Internal marks of the students will be recorded in the Progress report.
  • Parents are informed about the performance of their wards through PTAs which are held after the internal exam.
  • Students are given opportunity to appear for supplementary options if they couldn’t attend the test.
  • During the pandemic situations internal exams are conducted through online.
  • The question paper and answer sheets are uploaded,collected and evaluated through Google Classroom.
  • Remedial measures are recommended to slow learners.
  • Assignment/seminar/viva-voce: The University advocates one assignment for each course from I to IV Semester, seminars in V Semester and individual project and viva voce in the VI semester for every UG programme. Assignment/seminar topics are for each course is given in advance.
  • Monthly attendance statements are prepared.
  • Monthly/weekly tests are conducted by subject teachers by considering the current module.
  • Internal mark sheets of each course, Form A, consolidated internal mark sheet, Form B are prepared and consolidated mark sheet is published in the notice board. The students are given provision to verify the internal marks and submit grievances.
  • The verified marks are uploaded to the university website within the stipulated time after the three-tier process of verification at the faculty, HOD and Principal levels.