External Evaluation System

The external theory examination of all semesters shall be conducted by the University at the terminus of each semester.When the notification comes, students must submit their application forms.Students having a minimum of 75 % average attendance for all the courses only can register for the examination.Condonation (Relaxation) of shortage of attendance to a maximum of 10 days in a semester may be granted by the University on valid grounds.This is subject to a maximum of 2 times during the whole period of the programme. Every session of the Exams lasts 3 hours. For all courses without practical total marks of external examination is 80 and total marks of internal evaluation is 20. The student is required to secure a separate minimum of 30% marks each for internal and external (for both theory and practical). The student is required to secure an aggregate minimum of 35% for a pass for a course. The students must score a minimum of Grade D in each of the individual courses to pass a programme. University Exam question paper will be provided online.Exam rooms are arranged on the ratio1:30 under the surveillance of CCTV. At the end of the exams all answer papers are packed and send to university.