Our Church


In the year AD 1907, H.G. Joseph Mor Divannasios Metropolitan [popularly known as Pulikkottil Thirumeni] sent a decree of Blessings to our forefathers permitting them to construct a Cross at this place. Accordingly, they erected a Cross with laterite stones and instituted it on 23rd of Thulam 1907.The believers started worship in a temporary shed beside the Cross. It had a thatched roof with dry coconut leaves.Since the place was a hillock filled with rubbles and stones, the local people called the church as “KALKUNNATHU KURISU PALLY”. In 1907, the Jacobite Christians earned the approval from the Government to construct a permanent church at the same place vide order No.4702.This fulfilled a longstanding ambition and great desire of the people.

The prayers were led by Rev.Fr. Mathai Geevarghese,Parappattu who offered the first Mass. Rev. Mathai became the first Vicar of the Church. In 1914, H.G.Poulose Mor Athanasious Metropolitan [Valiya Thirumeni] came over to the Church and stayed there to guide and supervise the construction of a permanent building for the Church.It was a great blessing for the parishioners and the locality as a whole. Thirumeni was always inspired by the Holy Ghost and spent time in prayers and fasting for the growth and welfare of the parishioners. The construction was completed and on 23rd October 1914 it was consecrated by the holy hands of the Metropolitan and dedicated to the great martyr St.George popularly called as Mor Geevarghese Sahada by Malankara Christians.

The Church was named KALKUNNEL MOR GEEVARGHESE SAHADA CHURCH and a Constitution was prepared on the same day by the members in a meeting convened by the Metropolitan in the presence of the Vicar Fr. Mathai Gee Varghese. The constitution was subsequently registered with the Sub Registrar Office Muvattupuzha. At present the Church has more than 550 families of parishioners. The constitution of the Church firmly declares and upholds its affection, loyalty and obedience to the Holy Apostolic See of Antioch and the entire East.